Digital Teachers’ Academy (DTA) is a training and consulting firm engaged in providing training services for teachers. At Digital Teachers’ Academy, we provide 21st pedagogical digital training and teachers outsourcing services with passion and professionalism, and we collaborate with industries, educational technology and tertiary institutions, in knowledge sharing. We continuously improve and develop collaborations with top and best schools (primary, secondary and tertiary institution) and other educational institutes with our qualified and experienced professional facilitators, and educational technology industries around the globe to provide best-fit training programmes for our client schools and individuals Digital Teachers’ Academy provides reliable digital training and consulting nationally and internationally. We take pride in having a team of highly exceptionally experienced experts/professionals who work to bring personalised, comprehensive and compassionate training and partnerships to everyone, in agreed online modes and physical locations whey necessary. With our partners, we provide creative and innovative educational solutions for teachers’ continuous learning improvements, in order to meet the aspiring goals and objectives of our client schools and private individuals; we offer the platform to access a diverse range of certified courses and programmes at competitive prices.


At Digital Teachers’ Academy we have very smart, astute, techy and intelligent members of staff and facilitators that are exceptionally enthusiastic and passionate about value-added learning. Every service on offer is tailored to meet specific needs of teachers, school owners, educational administrators and participants from the private and public sectors. We differentiate our services from our competitors, blend our rich talents and bring high energy, vitality and enthusiasm to every learning experience we undertake.


We believe that education is the gate that leads to any future worth having. The world is moving towards Digital Learning, equipping teachers in the digital way is the fastest route that lead to the future.


To build a strong brand that is capable and trusted to train new and existing educators in the digital knowledge of handling teaching and learning processes.


The Digital Teachers’ Academy seeks to promote and advance digital training as a transformational and ennobling vehicle to the development of education with a profound impact on teachers, the school system and the global society.


Our broad objective of the organization is to build a reputable academy that will show both parents and school owners that teachers and educators trained by our organization are competent enough to engage students virtually through the use of technological gadgets and applications. Specifically, our aim is to:
ii. give teachers a unique name that promote the organization and send confidence to their employers.
iii. have an online/digital verification code for the trainees and educators that can be authenticated by parents or school owners.
iv. serve as a source of employment of digitally competent and skilled teachers by parents and school owners.

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