With the increasing need for digital competency skills for teachers’ service delivery, efficiency and effectiveness of teachers, there is a global increase on request for digitally trained teachers, as such; we provide the platform to assist teachers and participants acquire appropriate skills to succeed in the evolving school system.

On request, our experts, facilitators and partners design a complete range of tailored digital skills and competency development programmes that cover all areas of education. We provide one-stop-shop training services with the guarantee of high-quality standards.

Our training service provides the following:

  • Design and develop digital training needs analysis
  • Support in the development of your termly/annual digital training plan
  • Monitor and control the implementation of your termly/annual digital training plan
  • Recall for re-assessments and certifications
  • Regular industry updates and product development of relevant and current digital teaching methods
  • Quarterly reports of all vocational and technical training delivery
  • Full review of your school digital training programme


  • Turnover Reduction – Training that helps employees’ reduce turnover.
  • Cost Reduction – Smarter, more focused learning at a lower cost
  • Training quality – Using modern training technologies, tested methodologies and world best practices.